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Managing Director’s Message

TERAS TEGAP SDN. BHD. is committed to provide the best services in consistently complying with the stated requirements of our clients.  It provides unparallel expertise, experiences and the very highest quality control and standard available equivalent to international engineering and construction industries.

TERAS TEGAP SDN. BHD. is committed to ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ through Quality Provision of   Building   and Construction Services.

TERAS TEGAP SDN BHD’s top management is committed to build on its construction industry leadership by providing total quality in customer satisfaction and in vendor performance.

In order to live up to our quality policy and objectives, TERAS TEGAP SDN. BHD. shall supply products efficiently, economically and on time with standards that consistently meet or exceed our customers' requirements. This is accomplished through a continuing program to improve upon operational procedures and systems while striving to supply our customers’ products with zero defects.

Products and service provided by TERAS TEGAP SDN. BHD. shall conform to the requirements specified by our customer. The top management responsibility is to provide direct leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance with these requirements.

A cornerstone of TERAS TEGAP SDN. BHD.’s quality policy is that excellence in product quality and customer service is the result of collective effort and commitment from all its team members. This commitment to quality shall be realized from construction stage to handing over of projects.

Objective evidence to support TERAS TEGAP SDN. BHD.’s quality policy is the responsibility of the Top Management of the company.

Managing Director