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Interior & Renovation

Teras Tegap Sdn. Bhd. gives you a whole new level of office and housing improvement on renovation.

We take into account on our clients ever changing housing and office needs, style and budget. We are customer-oriented and focus on delivering excellent service.

We build your dream premises. Design and renovating is our main service to our client.

With a team of professionals from various divisions, Interior Design and Project & Quality Divisions, we will guide you through the full process from initial conceptual design stage right up to the final stage of inspection and handover of your renovated property.

Our clients obtain major benefits such as "Free Interior Design Services", "Free Delivery & Progress Schedule", "Quality and Inspection Checkpoints" and "Cost Control Management Tool". In addition, our Client Service Manager acts as a "Single Point of Contact" for you where the normal stress and time-wasting activities of coordinating among different professionals is avoided with proper coordination.

Our team of Project Managers, Site Supervisors and Skilled Labourers are experts in renovation & build as we have been in this industry for years. Our job is to ensure all works are delivered in time, within budget and quality that exceeds our clients' expectations.

Our team of professional interior designers will offer you modern trendy and updated designs to satisfy your needs and desires. With years of professional experience we will be able to provide you with our impressive designs for all types of residential and commercial projects.

We also understand that some of our clients may have budget constraint, so we have form special team who will design to your budget while not sacrificing your picture of a dream home, dream office or dream property.