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Marine Engineering

Teras Tegap Marine is the marine engineering arm of Teras Tegap Sdn. Bhd.

Teras Tegap Marine deals in all sorts of marine works such as dredging, fabricating, excavating and other related marine engineering services which involves marine specialists.

Dredging is one of our company’s core activities.

Dredging is our mainstream business positioning us at the top, as one of the largest dredging players in the region. Today our dredging operation capability is truly a highly sophisticated business, and with the help of the latest modern technology, this helps our customers not only meet their needs but to exceed their expectations.

We have diversified our in-house capabilities into Marine construction and since then have been awarded and successfully commissioned a number of prestigious projects which involved dredging and reclamation,harbor construction using gravity quay walls in dry and in wet, rock breakwaters, rock protection works and concrete armor protection works.

Our strengths in the marine construction activity includes:

We have global ambitions in the fields of dredging and marine engineering, ambitions that we are achieving by continually shifting the boundaries of technology.