Teras Tegap Sdn. Bhd began as a civil engineering and building construction company in 1995 with previously known as Teras Tegap Engineering was Registrar Of Company and currently expending and diversified its operation into Mechanical and Electrical Services

Teras Tegap Engineering was initially started with two young professional husband and wife,Ir Hisam Pajar (P.Engineering ,MBA Uni.Putra ,B.ENG Civil, Uni.Malaya)and Puan Norida Ibrahim (B.ACC, Uni Malaya).Currently improving its management skill with joining by Ir.Abdullah Hasan (P.Engineer ,M.Sc Imperial College,London, B.Sc. Civil Uni.Of Salfod,UK)as Executive Chairman.

Since inception Teras Tegap Sdn Bhd has successfully completed various type of project ranging from the foundation, building,infra structure and road & bridge construction as a Sub – Contractor.

Teras Tegap Sdn Bhd is looking forward to take part in the construction industries everywhere in Malaysia .It was for this purpose that a number  of associates specifically to undertake the project everywhere.


Teras Tegap Sdn Bhd offers the best engineering and construction  services available and possesses enough flexibility to act as Main Contractor or as Sub – Contractor of any given project.The Vast and accumulated knowledge and experiences gained by the Directors and key personnel has put Teras Tegap Sdn Bhd in a position to successfully undertake project in various capacities.


Teras Tegap Sdn Bhd is committed to provide the best services in consistenly complying with the stated requirements of our clients.It provides unparallel expertise,experiences and the very highest quality control and standard available equivalent to many Multi-nationals Engineering and construction industries.


The ultimate goals of the company is to increase local participation of Bumiputra in development of the State and Nation through careful planning and implementation of our objective  towards building a strong profitable organization in the engineering and construction industries


It is the ambition of the company to gather,develop and strengthen the best Malaysian individuals in their respective fields and discipline to work as a team, and to contribute in making a developed nation, in line with VISION 2020